pattyfriedmann-cherylgerberPATTY FRIEDMANN is the author of the print novels No TakebacksTaken AwayA Little Bit RuinedSide EffectsSecondhand SmokeEleanor Rushing, and Odds, all currently in print, and of The Exact Image of Mother(Viking 1991) and Too Smart to Be Rich (New Chapter 1988). Too Jewish came out in digital format in 2010 and was a perennial bestseller for four years. Other titles also have been re-released as e-books—Secondhand Smoke, Eleanor Rushing (Through the Windshield), Side Effects (Pick-Up Line), The Exact Image of Mother (Too Jewish: the Next Generation). Her novels have been Discover Great New Writers, Original Voices, and BookSense 76 selections. In 2011 Taken Away was a finalist for Book of the Year for small presses. In 2001–2002, she was writer-in-residence at Tulane University. Patty has reviewed for Publishers Weekly, BrightleafShort Story, and the Times-Picayune; her short stories have appeared in Horn GalleryShort StoryLaLit, Xavier ReviewLife in the WakeNew Orleans Noir, and elsewhere; and she has had essays in Oxford American, Speakeasy, and New Orleans Review. Stage productions under the direction of Carl Walker are The Accidental Jew and Lovely Rita. She was included in The Great American Writers Cookbook and Christmas Stories from Louisiana in 2003, as well as in the collections My New Orleans in 2005 and Intersections in 2006. She was the subject of the feature interview in the 2009 issue of Riverbend Review. Patty is the mother of Esme Roberson and Werner Friedmann II and the crazed grandmother of Summer Roberson, Kennedy Friedmann, and Carmine Friedmann. She lives in New Orleans.

Photo © Cheryl Gerber